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The Programming Team

The programming team consists of anyone who wants to make fantastic radio! This of course crosses over with other teams, like news and sports, but even with all the possibilities offered in those teams its natural that some people are only interested in being DJs, and that's fine! In fact, it's better than fine because we have 18 hours of schedule to fill every single day of term.
Clair DJ-ing over Roses

Bailrigg FM follows a playlist which is organised by the Music team on a weekly basis, we're known in the industry as being an Indie / Alternative / Rock station and that's what the majority of the tracks sent to us by the record companies can be classified as. We still have plenty of space in the schedule for people who wish to play entirely their own choice of music though, don't worry, it's just a case of making sure we know exactly what you want.

This is how it's organised:

Talk Based Shows
These are shows which are based around talking rather than music. They often include music to break up the speech but on the most part we try to set these aside for people who are wanting to hold discussions, perhaps cinema or theatre reviews, radio plays or news and views shows.
Entertainment Based Shows
Shows which are based around keeping the listener entertained and interactive, containing competitions, quizzes, regular features - the kind of show you might find at drive time on your local radio station. Music is an important part of these shows, but the choice is primarily from the playlist.
Music Based Shows
If you have a love of a particular kind of music and want to share that with your listeners then this is the show to choose. Whether it be classical, death metal, ska, or hard rock, its up to you. Bring in your CDs, your knowledge and your passion and find yourself an audience.

DJs over Roses


The Bailrigg FM training session is a two hour long special show designed to give you the confidence to drive the desk and produce your own shows from then onwards. The first hour is to get you used to talking into the mic and to explain how the desk and associated systems work. The second hour you'll be in control, behind the desk and the computers learning how to keep everything together. There's no rush, if you're not feeling confident enough at the end then feel free to ask for further training but from our experience most people are fine after two hours of being shown the ropes. Andy telling James how its done
There should be people in the office most of the time to help out DJs with their first solo shows anyway, don't ever worry about asking for help.

As well as the training session, we organise once or twice termly DJ meetings to get the programming team together and try to impart some helpful tips and advice. In the past we've arranged talks from people in the radio business to help out with improving your showcraft, which can be a fascinating insight if you're interested in becoming a career DJ.

How to get a show, in three easy steps:

  • Join Bailrigg FM. This gets you the ability to log into the website, and means your library card will let you open the front door to the office.
  • Arrange a training session with the Head of Presenter Training, Ben Foster. This is normally done via sign up sheets available in the office, but listen out for announcements at the Welcome Meetings in Week 1.
  • Contact the Programme Controller, Paul Hodges, with your show proposal. Try to include as much information as you can about the kind of show you're wanting to do so he can find the best slot in the schedule for you.

You can email the programme controller Paul Hodges directly using the form below if you have any specific questions, and optionally send a description of the kind of show you'd like here.

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