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The Publicity Team

Emily and our Roses T Shirts

The publicity team is one of the most popular teams with new members, there's always lots to be doing and regular meetings to get it done. Publicity comes in many forms for us and as a member of the publicity team it's part of your job to make sure we look as awesome as we are to the outside world. This involves designing logos and artwork for the website, thinking up publicity campaigns for different shows in the schedule, creating designs for T Shirts, stickers and other publicity material, and most importantly wielding a felt tip pen creating weekly posters for shows and events.

Roses Posters

Another aspect of working in the publicity team is trying to organise advertisers for on air commercials and prize giveaways. Advertising is a nice form of income and it's the publicity team's job to chase up potential advertisers (with the help of LUSU) and liaise with the production team to create fantastic sounding adverts for external companies. They also hold a vital role during events to make sure the outside broadcast is looking as "Bailrigg-d up" as it can be, and to find prizes to be given away as part of the on air shows.

Setting up the Roses Tent

All in all the publicity team is a fantastic place to get involved in the radio station, there's no set commitments and you don't have to go on air if you don't want to (though most people do in the end :-) ). You just need a small spark of creativity, oh and it helps if you enjoy colouring in.

The current Public Relations Officer is Daniel O'Donoghue and you can contact him directly using the form below if you have any specific questions, or are intrested in joining the publicity team.

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